Many people mix up “making money online” and “work from home jobs.” In truth, the majority of online articles concerning work-from-home jobs are inaccurate as well. A work-from-home job should be one where you consistently do the task at hand and receive payment.

Online side businesses like blogging, eCommerce, YouTubers, day trading stocks, game live streaming, online games, selling stock images, and many others will thus be disregarded in this essay. Because those activities are more akin to running a side business than ones that guarantee remuneration.

8 Best Work From Home Jobs for Part Timers in Malaysia 

Without further ado, here are our top 8 real work-from-home jobs that you can venture into, regardless if you are residing in Kuala Lumpur or Melaka.

1# Freelance Writer 

Image source: Techrakyat

  • Job Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Average starting salary (per month): RM500 to RM7,000

Freelance writing is not new to Malaysia but many are still not aware of how lucrative this job is. Part of it is because it takes some hard skills such as writing and coming up with creative content from scratch that scares most Malaysians away.

However, after looking at the potential earnings of a freelance writer, you should definitely reconsider this work-from-home part-time job. Let’s look at the scenario above, where a Malaysian ghostwriter earns more than $40,000 (or RM200,000+) each year using Upwork. Not at all bad, am I right?

My argument is that written information will always be in need, regardless of the circumstances.

Create an account on Fiverr, Upwork, or PeoplePerHour as the first step to becoming a freelance writer for new jobs and job alerts anytime. The key is to specialise in a particular niche. Only after gaining enough credibility in your niche can one demand a greater price.

2# Copywriter

  • Job Difficulty Level: Hard
  • Average starting salary (per month): RM700 to RM10,000

The written material, often known as copy or sales copy, is to raise brand recognition and ultimately persuade an individual or group to perform a specific action.

Coming up with an idea for what you are writing is the hardest aspect of copywriting. You must figure out a way to begin your text with something no one else is saying in order to make it unique. Hence, you need to do a lot of research. Until you come up with a thought that is original and engaging, you must continue your research.

As you can see from the image above, copywriters in Malaysia can earn a lot. This is because it is not an easy skill to master, let alone making sure that your copy actually generates sales.

All in all, copywriting is not easy, but the perks of working remotely regardless of the location with flexible working hours, along with high rates, I’d say it’s worth it!

3# Freelance Designer

  • Job Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Average starting salary (per month): RM300 to RM3,000

This part-time job requires someone who has creativity and is artistic enough. Otherwise, this is just gonna be as hard as learning how to code. The design fee is very debatable. A logo can be purchased for as little as $5 or as much as $5,000.

In addition to the platform I mentioned above, you can also check out Etsy, 99 Designs, Creative Market, and Threadless for job alerts.

I suggest setting up a Facebook Page or an Instagram account to carefully highlight all of your works in order to draw in local businesses. Describe how you came up with your design. People enjoy hearing stories, so share your creative process and motivation with them. Many of Malaysia’s businesses actually need brand design and are waiting for someone to guide them.

4# Customer Service Support

  • Job Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Average starting salary (monthly): RM600 to RM2,500

Many overlook the importance of a customer service representative, but in reality, they are as important as marketing. Every business needs customer service to receive and deal with customers, which means there are many part-time customer service jobs available in Malaysia.

Take the picture above as an example, where the company Scicom Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur is looking to hire a part-timer for 3 months. Always go through the job description in detail.

Most companies are also looking for part-timers who are positive Bahasa speaking. The only downside is some would require you to work on rotational shift at odd hours and even on public holidays.

5# Affiliate Marketing

Image source: Entrepreneur Campfire 

  • Job Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Average starting salary (per month): RM300 to RM1,000

By using affiliate marketing, you can avoid investing the time and money necessary to produce your own goods or services for sale. As the marketer, you take the goods and services that other people have previously created and sell them on their behalf. You will receive a commission for each successful sale.

You can try out some of the affiliate programs that are popular right now in Malaysia such as Lazada Affiliate Program, Shopee Affiliate Program, CompareHero Affiliate Program and more.

However, do make sure you have a sizable and active following if you want this job type to be successful for you.

6# Social Media Manager

Image source: Sharelov Blog 

  • Job Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Average starting salary (per month): RM500 to RM4,000

Nearly every company today has a Facebook page or Instagram page, but not all of them can consistently post to it. Business owners typically devote the majority of their time and resources to operating their company.

You don’t need to use professional tools like Adobe Illustrator, just by using the free version of Canva, you can simply design posts for Facebook or Instagram. You must plan out as many posts as you can and schedule them to update on the appropriate social media platforms if you want to operate efficiently. You can use softwares like Buffer, Hootsuite, or MeetEdgar.

7# Freelance Translator

Image source: Techrakyat

  • Job Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Average starting salary (per month): RM300 to RM2,000

Services for translation and transcription are simple to understand, hence it is most suited for fresh grads. Low obstacles are also a sign of fierce competition. Furthermore, the future employment opportunities for part-time translators or transcribers are rather scarce.

A translator is among the least desirable work from home careers, in my opinion. Nevertheless, many Malaysians are successful at conducting translation work.

8# Virtual Assistant for SEO/SEM Agency

Image source: SoftwareSuggest

  • Job Difficulty Level: Very difficult
  • Average starting salary (per month): RM500 to RM6,000

It is without a doubt that this part-time job is difficult as you would require in-depth knowledge and work experience about SEO and SEM. However, don’t be discouraged because an SEO specialist can easily earn between four to five figures monthly in a big agency.

As a part-timer, try gaining as much knowledge and experience as you can as a virtual assistant while still making a significant side income. Remember that becoming a virtual assistant for life is not your ultimate goal. But to develop into a provider of SEO and SEM services in digital marketing.

Start Your Part-Time Job Now

Now that you have a complete list of legit work-from-home jobs that are on a part-time basis, it’s time to secure one! You can check out platforms such as Glassdoor, Grabjobs and more for job alerts.

About the author : Ian

About the author : Ian

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