What is a Paid Survey Site?

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Market research and consumer feedback are crucial because brands and businesses need to know how consumers feel about their products or service.

Therefore, many market research firms in Malaysia are offering survey participants rewards as a sign of appreciation for participating in research studies in exchange for their time and truthful opinions about a good or service. Paid surveys are online surveys that offer incentives or rewards in general.

More often than not, paid surveys are usually one of the ways to earn some extra income internationally. Fret not, as we have compiled seven of the best-paid surveys that Malaysians can check out to earn extra money online.

7 Best Paid Online Surveys in Malaysia

Joining 4-5 survey panels will let you get a decent start in seeing how it operates before adding your steps to additional websites. So let’s stop wasting time now. Here is a list of Malaysia’s top-rated paid surveys to earn money online.

1# Triaba

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Average earnings: 0.25 to 6 USD

Payment methods: PayPal, Visa Debit, GCodes

Highlights: Surveys sent through email, unsubscribe anytime

For Malaysians looking for a simple way to earn money without any obligations, Triaba Malaysia is the most rewarding paid survey site in Malaysia. Depending on how many surveys match their profile, users of this site receive one to seven surveys every month. Fees range from 0.25 to 6 USD, and payouts are occasionally provided through your Paypal account.

Triaba Malaysia sends new surveys by email so you don’t have to waste time scrolling endlessly via a website or app. You can also choose to stop receiving it at any time because there are no real obligations.

2# Surveyeah Malaysia

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Average earnings: 10 USD

Payment methods: PayPal, Amazon gift cards

Highlights: Can donate to charity, has large presence internationally

All you have to do is simply join to get an email invitation when a survey becomes available.

Just be careful not to join Surveyeah Malaysia as your sole source for paid surveys as there aren’t many of them available for Malaysia. Because it is so simple to use and join, the survey site does not require any more effort and can therefore be perfect to join as an additional site. However, it does take some patience to accumulate enough money. The payout threshold is at $10 where you can either withdraw your earnings as cash through PayPal or as Amazon gift cards.

3# YouGov

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Average earnings: 0.30 to 5 USD

Payment methods: PayPal, Amazon gift cards

Highlights: Lucrative rewards, large global community, survey sent through email

YouGov is a worldwide survey site that consists of a global network of individuals who share their thoughts on a range of subjects in exchange for currency and benefits. You will receive survey links via email, and you can participate in them to earn points that can be redeemed to earn rewards.

The best paid surveys in Malaysia are available from this site, which also offers a competitive list of incentives, including cash, gift cards to shops and restaurants, mobile credits from DiGi, Maxis, TuneTalk, and UMobile, AirAsia Big Points, and the option to give to a good cause.

4# Surveytime

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Average earnings: 1 USD per survey

Payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Vouchers

Highlights: Instant payout, personalized members’ experience, exclusive ambassador program for influencers/ bloggers

One of the fastest paying survey sites in Malaysia is likely Surveytime, where you will always receive immediate payment for completing paid surveys. You only need to be aware that you must complete a profile survey as part of the joining process. You will then have access to a list of surveys that are currently accessible and are updated often. You won’t be eligible for all of them, but there is a decent variety and you get $1 for every survey, regardless of how long it is. For brief surveys, this is a fairly nice incentive.

They also have an exclusive ambassador program that, if they have a guaranteed engaged audience, can help them make more money working from the comfort of their own home.


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Average earnings: 5 USD

Payment methods: PayPal, Skrill

Highlights: Paid international surveys, Pay is specified, web and smartphone friendly

Mobrog is an extremely user-friendly survey website with an app that allows you to make money while on the go. When a new survey becomes available, you can sign up to get emails about it or download the app to get a notification.

Regarding your earnings, you are not kept in the dark. The charge is stated before each survey, and transactions are open and transparent. The payout threshold is 6.25 USD.  After completing surveys successfully, you can then request to be paid out using PayPal or Skrill.

6# Valued Opinions 

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Average earnings: in Gift Cards

Payment methods: Gift cards, charity donations

Highlights: User-friendly, wide choices of surveys

One of the biggest paid survey companies in the world, Valued Opinions, can turn your opinions into income. You can participate in a wide range of surveys on this website, covering everything from daily essentials to fashion and movies. It’s simple to use this site because earning just requires two steps: sign up, then answer.

Members will be able to make up to RM30 for each survey in 2020. Additionally, they have the option of receiving their salary in the form of gift cards and/or vouchers for KFC, Aeon Jusco, Lazada, and/or Zalora. The payout threshold is $10, in which you can cash out your profits in gift vouchers or donate them to a good cause.

7# Toluna Influencers Malaysia

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Average earnings: 2000 to 6000 points (1 USD = 3000 points)

Payment methods: Gift cards, Paypal

Highlights: large variety of surveys, smartphone app friendly

A very well-known survey website in the entire world is called Toluna Influencers. It features websites in numerous nations and languages. Additionally, it has a Malaysia-specific website that is well worth checking out.

It is a website that mostly provides paid surveys as a means of income. This makes it straightforward and quick to use, and it provides a big selection of surveys. Additionally, the network offers regular free contests and the opportunity to make a little additional money by publishing material that other users can interact with. You have two payment options on Toluna: PayPal or a wide variety of gift cards. Overall, this is undoubtedly a website that Malaysian should visit.

Tips for Paid Surveys Malaysia

1# Limit your sharing when signing up for paid surveys Malaysia.

Leave the survey if you are asked for your Social Security number, bank account number, or license number. Being “deliberate” when providing such private information to survey sites is advised by Velasquez. Giving medical information may not be worth the risk, but answering questions about a television commercial is generally fine.

2# Make a special email account for paid surveys.

We received a number of emails per day from most survey sites. By using a different email account when signing up for these websites, you can avoid having survey offers clog up your primary inbox.

3# Install malware protection software when taking surveys.

In the event that one of the survey sites takes you to a spammy third-party client, we advise you not to take further action.

Finding the Best Paid Survey Malaysia

Taking online surveys is undoubtedly a commitment-free source of income that can help anybody, especially graduate students to earn some extra bucks. You now have access to a list of excellent and reliable GPT sites and survey sites that pay if you reside in Malaysia. And keep in mind that joining multiple sites is the best way to enhance your earnings. The survey opportunities are endless since now you have a useful list of paid online surveys Malaysia.

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About the author : Ian

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