What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

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Brands utilize affiliate marketing as a method of advertising to reduce wasteful spending in their marketing budgets. For a business to spend thousands on clicks or reviews in order to draw in a small number of clients might be expensive. As the price of online advertising has increased, these businesses, which have brought down many brands, have looked for innovative ways to save costs while still growing their customer base.

Affiliates and businesses will collaborate in a partnership of income sharing between brand and marketer as part of a performance-based marketing plan.

How do Affiliate Marketing works?

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Affiliate marketing Malaysia works by disseminating product promotions and marketing tools to third parties; it provides people with a tried-and-true marketing strategy while compensating affiliates with a cut of the proceeds from each transaction made.

There are various different groups of persons participating in this process, and they all have different affiliate schemes available to them in Malaysia!

1# Sellers & Vendors

The seller may be a small business owner, a major corporation, a vendor, a maker of a product, a manufacturer, or a merchant with a product to sell. The product may be something tangible, like tech accessories, or something digital, like, say, an e-book on parenting.

2# Affiliate Network

Brand owners can structure their affiliate programs with the aid of the affiliate network. For merchants or marketers who don’t have the time to set up their affiliate programs, this is a specially developed solution. To reduce costs, they will instead collaborate with an affiliate network.

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3# New Customers

The customers who make purchases of the goods or services you advertise. They finish the entire affiliate registration process and play a crucial role throughout the entire system. Without the consumer, there won’t be any room for expansion or income.

Top 9 Best Affiliate Program in Malaysia

Without further ado, here are our picks of top affiliate programs that can help you make money online.

1# Shopee Affiliate Program

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 As the largest online marketplace in Southeast Asia, Shopee offers everything from clothes to food to electronics.

It’s a terrific way to generate extra money by sharing products with your followers and friends through the affiliate marketing program. By promoting Shopee’s extensive selection of products, you can quickly make money because it has a high conversion rate and larger viewers than Lazada.

To make the same amount of money as Lazada, though, you must make more sales due to the lower commission structure. However, the Shopee Affiliate Program is a fantastic opportunity to increase your income and assist customers in finding the best deals while making purchases online.

  • Product/ services offered: Consumer electronics, baby products, wellness products, cosmetics, household goods, appliances, pet food, and more are available.
  • Commission rate: 2.1%-9.1% for every sale, depending on the product

2# Lazada Affiliate Program

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Malaysia’s biggest online marketplace, which has more than 560 million active users, offers both local and international brands that provide a convenient online shopping experience. The good news for affiliate marketers is that Lazada has a sizable fan base, making it one of the affiliate programs in Malaysia with the highest conversion rates. In comparison to its rivals, this online business affiliate program offers a rather good commission rate.

  • Product/ services offered: Electronics, baby products, wellness products, cosmetics, household goods, appliances, pet food, and more are available.
  • Commission rate: 6-12% for every sale, depending on the product

3# Zalora Affiliate Program

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Zalora is the biggest online fashion marketplace in Southeast Asia. More than 50,000 products, including skirts, suits, sneakers, slip-on shoes, athletics, watches, and more, are available from its constantly expanding array of regional and international brands. The e-commerce brand also provides affiliate tools like banners, deep linking, and vouchers.

  • Product/ services offered: Fashion goods from many brands
  • Commission rate: 6% of each sale goes to new clients, while 4% goes to repeat customers.

4# Microsoft Affiliate Program

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Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies that has their own affiliate program, which is regarded as one of the best in Malaysia for IT and is available to large tech companies like Microsoft. A Microsoft affiliate program is ideal for any firm operating in the computer firm and internet industries.

Microsoft offers a wide variety of tech-related products, including Windows, Microsoft Office, Games, and many more, and thanks to its widespread appeal, the products are simple to advertise

  • Product/ services offered: Fashion goods from many brands
  • Commission rate: 5% to 20% per sale.

5# Exabytes Affiliate Program

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Exabytes is one of Southeast Asia’s top local cloud service providers and web hosting companies. The business specializes in offering All-in-One Business Cloud Digital eCommerce solutions to support Malaysian SMEs’ frictionless and simple online growth.

One of the best commission affiliate programs in Malaysia is offered by Exabytes. All Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the focus of Exabytes. Exabytes dominates the web hosting market, a service required by all online firms to advance their operations, and is supported by aggressive branding initiatives.

  • Product/ services offered: Domain name registration to web hosting/ Dedicated server, email hosting, website design, promote web developing, SMS marketing, eCommerce solutions, and digital marketing.
  • Commission rate: RM 150 – RM 350 per sale

6# Under Armour Affiliate Program

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Anyone interested in sporting apparel must be aware of the brand Under Armour. They represent one of the largest sports fashion retail company in the world. Due to its high-quality sportswear and popularity, Under Armour’s affiliate program is one of the best in Malaysia.

We believe that their broad selection of products makes them stand out from rivals in the same niche, earning them a place on this list!

  • Product/ services offered: For daily wear and activities, high-quality athletic clothing available, including bags, jerseys, shoes, and many other sports equipment.
  • Commission rate: 8% per sale.

7# Uniqlo Affiliate Program

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This Japanese clothing line is renowned for its high-quality goods and reasonably priced everyday styles. In contrast to other fashion trends that are always changing, the biggest online fashion retailer concentrates on producing high-quality, basic ready-to-wear apparel that is sustainable and ec0-friendly. Customers of the company are known to span a range of age groups, financial brackets, and demographics.

  • Product/ services offered: Everything that bears the UNIQLO brand, including ready-to-wear and accessories.
  • Commission rate: 5% per sale.

8# Agoda Affiliate Program

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Agoda’s affiliate program is a great choice because you get paid not just for sales, but also for clicks.

Agoda is a rapidly expanding online housing and hotel booking platform that also makes traveling simple and enjoyable. They offer its customers hundreds of beautiful holiday properties in more than 40 different languages. This statistic alone demonstrates the platform’s stellar customer support and widespread use.

Product/ services offered: Accommodation facilities such as houses, luxury hotels, villas, apartments, etc.

Commission rate: The commission rate for the Agoda affiliate program is a fixed 6%. You can imagine how good of a commission you can get employing market strategies as the average sale on the marketplace is RM200.

9# AirAsia Affiliate Program

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One of the best affiliate programs in Malaysia is AirAsia, which offers top-notch amenities and opulent travel at affordable pricing. What could possibly be a better place to begin your affiliate marketing career than a high-paying airline?

Interesting fact: Every week, 2757 AirAsia flights arrive in Malaysia. The fact that more and more travelers like AirAsia for their trips to Malaysia, however, makes it even more thrilling. So get out your calculator and figure out how earning money as an AirAsia associate may pay off.

Product/ services offered: Hotel accommodations, domestic and international flights to Malaysia, and now financial and Islamic products and services.

Commission rate: Up to 9% of commission on a variety of products and services in AirAsia.

How Much can You Earn from Affiliate Marketing Platform in Malaysia?

In general, affiliate marketers would have a monthly income range from RM1,000 to RM50,000. That stated, the platform you choose to contact individuals and the manner in which your messages are delivered to them have an impact on how much money you make as an affiliate marketer. Additionally, the affiliate program that you join will contribute to your profits.

You may view affiliate marketing Malaysia as a side business where you work to earn some extra cash, or you may view it as a full-time position. Everything depends on how adept you are at marketing to your target demographic.

Benefits as an Affiliate Marketer

  1. Easily generate income

The best part of being an affiliate marketer is being able to relax while earning commissions. Depending on your performance, your passive income will increase the more reach you attract. As a result, those who have a large following might take advantage of this chance to succeed in Malaysian affiliate marketing.

  1. Flexible working hours

Who doesn’t enjoy being able to work at their own pace without having to stick to a strict schedule? You can take use of a flexible work schedule as an affiliate marketer, but most importantly, you get to work from home! Affiliate marketing Malaysia won’t use a lot of your time, even if you are working many jobs or lead a very busy life in general. Post a link to a product along with an enticing marketing presentation, and watch the magic happen.

  1. Widen your perspective

Affiliate marketing in Malaysia will eventually develop into a tool that will polish your marketing abilities. You will learn about SEO best practices, marketing tips and techniques, developing landing pages and websites, media buying, and much more.

  1. Time- and hassle-saving

Affiliate marketing is now more accessible than ever before because of the abundance of other affiliate programs out there. Aside from that, the majority of websites that connect affiliate marketers with businesses have incredibly welcoming and safe user interfaces.

Try the Top Affiliate Marketing Programs Today!

Now that you have a comprehensive list of the best affiliate marketing programs in Malaysia, it’s time for you to check them out and start earning extra cash now. Remember that you can successfully quit your 9–5 grind if you use the correct tools and business strategies in the realm of affiliate marketing.

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